I have recently started a new not for profit youth organization called the Adventure Pioneers who are open to young people aged 10 to 16 so if you know anyone who is interested in joining a group who do pioneering, bushcraft and backwoods then look up the website  https://adventurepioneers.uk/ or use this LINK they also do things for other Groups, Individuals and Businesses, look them up it costs nothing and perhaps they could help you or your group!

I have spent a considerable amount of time over the last few months going to meetings etc and preparing a draft program for schools, to comply with the new outdoor adventuress activists curriculum. my program was preliminarily approved, and I  have just completed the five individual lessons that complete the program at a school in Thornton . Over the five weeks I was given the opportunity to test, and fine tune everything to see if it was a practical, working program for the curriculum.

Over the five weeks the pupils were given a number of graded tasks, designed to gradually improve their ability to work as a team, and improve their leadership skills. A number of team building scenarios were used incorporating simple pioneering principles, and orienteering, to test both their physical, and mental ability, I got nothing but good feedback from both teachers and pupils and even the headmaster had nothing but praise for what they had achieved over the five weeks.  I am now waiting for our Area School Games Organizer to put it forward to the schools and hopefully I will be introducing it to a number of schools in the area, fingers crossed. 

On Sunday I had a fantastic day at the family fun day at Stannah estuary country park. it was a brilliant day with well over two hundred people crossing the two monkey bridges I built. I had nothing but good comments from all the people as young as 3 to over 50 who crossed the bridges.
Comments from the organizers on the day.
Just a quick note to extend a thank you for your work on Sunday this past weekend, at our event.
We had great feedback on the day and great feedback on the comments forms, so all round a fantastic day. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you, you delivered a fantastic service on a long busy hot day!
All the bridge building eqipment unloadded.
On the 16th of December I did  an introduction to pioneering day at the North Yorkshire Outdoor Learning Service Conference, Patley Bridge. I had a brilliant day introduseing15 members of staff to pioneering doing a number of different things for ages from 6 upwards. we started with how people as young as 6 can start doing simple pioneering and the fun they can have learning basic  construction using models. we then went on to learning the different lashings used in pioneering and their uses, after going over the HS aspects related to using the things learnt, we got down to building a number of different constructions, and how they can be used as part of an outdoor program. This all came together at the end with participants building a simple bridge by themselves before crossing it. We all had a brilliant time and I received  nothing but positive feedback, I would recommended North Yorkshire Outdoor Learning Service and their facilitates to anyone in the area.

Friday the 13th is usually looked upon as a bad day but that was the opposite for me as I did two workshops for Institute for Outdoor Learning at Low Wray in the Lake District. I had a wonderful time and everyone enjoyed themselves learning haw to do a number of lashings and knots. see the photos in the album.

I must tell you about a group of young people I have just had the pleasures of sharing a day of backwoods and pioneering skills with. They came down from Barrow with Leonard Cheshire Disability as the Asperger's Group?
I had what can only be described as a wonderful day doing Backwoods and Pioneering. We started with fire lighting, and the the different ways of preparing and lighting a fire etc. using a fire-steel. next came putting up a basher and hammock concluding with them working as two teems and putting up a temporary shelter for themselves. they all then had a go at lighting their own fire using a flint, with materials I had prepared for them, it wasn't long after we had seven fires burning. After lunch they learnt how to build an A frame, and the different lashings, and knots, needed to build a commando bridge. Then the fun really started they built two A frames/sheer legs and strung two ropes between them to use as a bridge to cross a imaginary river, everyone got across including me and the two Team Leaders. I would like to thank all the young people and leaders for what was a wonderful day that I will remember for a long time.
If you know someone who is aged 10 to16 and interested in joining a youth organization in West Lancashire that dose Pioneering, Backwoods and Bushcraft then tell them to look up the ADVENTURE PIONEERS on their website  https://adventurepioneers.uk/ use this LINK to contact them